A Little about me

I was born in 1966.  A long time ago for some and not so for others.  I live just outside of Austin Texas.  Austin is a great town/city.  But buying a house in Austin has become very expensive so my wife and I decided to buy in Round Rock.  We get more bang for our buck.

I was born on an air force base in Lubbock Texas.  We moved to Alvarado Texas for a few years when I was very young and then settled in Dallas where I grew up.  I had the usual child hood. Going to school, riding my bike all around and having a wonderful upbringing. 

Growing up in the 70’s was very different from today.  But that is a subject for an entirely different blog!

 Once out of highschool I left for Austin to attend college.  Like many I stayed in Austin.  I was most fortunate as I found employment in my degree field right out of college.  While many college friends moved to the cities of New York and L.A.  to get their start.  I got mine right there in Austin Texas and there I stayed until I married and we decided to purchase a house in Round Rock.

I have worked for the same company of 12 years now!  Some say that is quite the achievement.  I leave that to be determined.  I am the director of department that executes event technology.  What is that, you say?  If you have ever been to a convention, seminar, or education class in a large facility you have experienced event technology.  It encompasses everything from the microphone to the projection systems to fancy drape and lighting systems.  That’s what I do.

So, there is a little something about myself.  As I committed to you – if I want you to follow me you should know something about myself.  So there it is.  Feel free to drop me post if you have any questions.


Willow Springs

An image of my Aunt Diane’s ranch house in Alvarado, Texas.  The  ranch is called Willow Springs and was started by my late Uncle Charles.  Diane is my Mother’s sister.   It sits on many acres, how many I am not sure.  I always say its about as far as the eye can see.    The ranch house is in a  woody area with a body of water backing up to it.  Giving animals an easy source of water.   This is a very peaceful place to be. I hope that my Aunt knows how much I cherish this place.

View of the water pond on Aunts ranch

Western Reader

I have begun an endeavor an adventure one may say.  The spark for this comes from my wife and I thank her deeply.

I have begun a blog.  Something I know little about yet hope to  educate myself while I work on it.  To that end my wife and I have started reading “Problogger” by Darren Rowse and Chris Garret.   I am currently in chapter three.   One new knowledge I brought from these early chapters is to blog about something you know, enjoy or consider a hobby.  

I thought on this for a bit and decided I would  focus on hobbies and things I enjoy.  I truly enjoy the westerns of Louis L’Amour and I truly enjoy being a Texas Freemason.  So I start a blog where I discuss the westerns I read and the basic tenets of Freemasonry? Perhaps.  This may turn into a western book club as well. 

So get to your local book store!   My favorite is Half Price Books in Round Rock, Texas.  Grab a western tale and lets begin. The western I am currently reading is “Passin’ Through” by Louis L’Amour.

In my next post I will talk a bit about  myself.  I suspect if I want you to follow along with me I should tell you some about myself.  Perhaps you will share the same by leaving me notes.  That is my hope.

I hope you will travel with me on this adventure. 

Upcoming Blogs: A little about myself.  Why blog, why now?  Westerns and Freemasonry is there a something to talk about?